Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday at the Breyer's

Sara celebrated her 29th birthday on August 7th, so her parents, the Breyer's, had a party for her. The kids love parties, Breyer, and those Coats boys, so we were all in! Jackson was especially excited about getting to spend time with Kase and Kyle. He loves those babies!

Jackson, Kase & IJackson & Kyle

Maddie & Kyle

Corey & Kyle

After dinner, Jason brought the Slip-n-Slide to entertain the kids. It was, once again, the hit of the party. The Breyer's have a sloped front yard that was perfect for slippin-n-slidin down!

After slip-n-slidin & birthday cake, the kids had a rendevous in the Breyer tree house. Randy knew he left that tree house up for a good reason. Before long, Kase & Kyle will be playing in it!

Schlitterbahn or Bust

My new found addiction is Craigslist! I love looking to see what people are selling. I have already bought bed frames for the boys' room and Schiltterbahn tickets, and I'm sure I will add more to my list. I was excited about the great deal I got on the bed frames, but I was super-excited about the awesome deal I got on the Schlitterbahn tickets. I got 6 tickets for $125! If we would have purchased our tickets at the park it would've cost us over $200.
We decided to take our trip to Schiltterbahn on a Tuesday. We thought it would be less crowded on a Tuesday than any other day of the week. Because the park opens at 10:00am and the Austin traffic, we decided to go down on Monday and spend the night. The kids were at VBS until 9:00pm on Monday night, so we left straight from church. We had to make a McDonalds pit-stop in Temple because the kids' bellybuttons were beating holes in their backbones. After their bellies were full, the rest of the drive was smooth sailing...er, driving. We arrived at the hotel about 11:00 and it was lights out a short time later.

Tuesday morning we were up and at em' early enough to enjoy some good ole' Chick-fil-A breakfast before the 10:00am opening. The kids were almost too excited to eat, but they managed to get a few bites down.

After breakfast, we made our way to Schlitterbahn! While Corey got the ice chest and swim bags out of the truck, I lathered everyone up with plenty of SPF, and then we were off.

We found a great shaded spot for our ice chest and bags, found our tubes, and then we hit the rides. I was very nervous about this trip. We had never taken the kids to a "real" water park before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. On our first ride, I held on to Jackson's tube until the life guard told me I had to let him go. She told me he would be just fine, and he was. As the day went on, it got more crowded. Corey, Jackson, Madison, & Mason waited 1 1/2 hours for one ride, but that was the longest wait time. Cason decided he didn't want to ride that particular ride, so we hung out at a cool pirate ship. We all had a lot of fun, and not one of us got sunburned(because I was the sunscreen Nazi)!

Conversation from the Backseat

The boys and I went school clothes shopping last weekend. Cason got a new pair of kickers and Jackson got a pair of Tony Hawk shorts, a Tony Hawk shirt, and some Tony Hawk socks. If you can't tell, he's in to Tony Hawk! We were on our way home when I overheard this conversation between the boys from the backseat.

Cason: Jackson, when you wear your Tony Hawk clothes, all the hot girls are going to like you. Because all the hot girls like Tony Hawk.

Jackson: Cason, girls don't like you for the clothes you wear, they like you for who you are. You just have to be you for girls to like you.

I almost cried when I heard my 6-year old little boy say such grown-up words. I just hope he remembers those words he spoke when he is 16-years old!

Monday, August 10, 2009

All In a Summer's Day

While most of our summer's days were spent just hanging out around the house, we did manage to do several fun activities to fill our time.

One afternoon my mom & I took the kids to a new water park in Temple. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time!

On one of the rainy summer afternoons, the kids & I went to the movies to see "G-Force" and then bowling. The movie was better than I expected; however, bowling was exactly what I expected! Cason was done after only 2 frames! He said bowling is alot easier on the Wii. Madison, Jackson, & I managed to finish our game, while Cason raided the quarter toy machines. Madison won our bumper-pad bowling game with a score of 62!

Because it has been so stinkin' hot, we are either indoors or in the water. The Waco Water Park was another place the kids cooled off this summer.

Cason didn't want his picture taken, so this is the best shot I got of him!

My sweetheart, Jackson, will always smile for the camera!
Madison was too busy with her friends for me to get a good picture.
This Friday we will brave the heat because the Cameron Park Zoo's Orugantan and Komodo Dragon exhibit opens. We love going to the zoo, especially when there's something new to see!

Maddy the Magnificent

Maddy has an interest in performing magic tricks. She has several magic sets, and a few magic tricks up her sleeve. One afternoon, she decided to do a magic show for the family! She called herself Maddy the Magnificent!

Maybe we'll see her performing in Vegas one day!