Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Amazing Scavenger Hunt

What do you get when you take twelve 11-year olds on a Scavenger Hunt/Amazing Race Adventure? You get Maddie's 11th birthday party! The fun started with pizza and presents at our house while we waited for Mamaw and Papaw to bring us our first clue. Many thanks to Mamaw & Papaw for making up the clues and putting them around town!

Maddie finally got a cell phone!

To begin our adventure we divided the kids into a girl's team & a boy's team. Corey took the boys and I took the girls. The first clue was

"Go to the nearest church and look for your next clue!"

Each team jumped in their respective vehicle and took off.

The second clue for the girl's team was

"Go to the gas station in the grocery store parking lot in Lorena. Take a picture of someone in your group pumping gas for a stranger, then ask the gas station attendant for your next clue!"

Here is Bradyn pumping a stranger's gas!

The girl's team then received their third clue which was

"How well can you can you scavenge? Get the following items and be sure to take a group pic with each item.
1. McDonald's hamburger wrapper
2. Go to Toys R Us & find a "Clue" game

3. Pizza coupon-we got ours from Chuck E Cheese

4. Count how many trees are in the Home Depot parking lot (not the ones for sale)

Now, go to the front door of Central Freight to get your next clue!"

The next clue told the girls to

"Go to the Richland Mall and get the following. Remember to to take a group pic with each one.
1. A menu from a restaurant

2. A broken hanger from a department store

3. A business card from a cosmetic sales person

4. A group picture in front of the Christmas Tree where Santa sits

Now ask Santa's helper, Wendy, for you next clue!"

The fifth clue said

"Go to the store in Hewitt that has a smiley face rolling back prices and get a group picture with the "greeter" and ask them for your next clue!"

The Walmart greeter gave the girls their final clue.

"Go to Madison's grandparent's for more party fun!"

Then the race was on to see who arrived at Mamaw & Papaw's house first. Who would be the winner of the Amazing Scavenger Hunt? Even though we don't have any pictures to prove it, the boy's team won! Evidently, they had a much better strategy than the girl's team because they had been waiting on us for some time:(

At Mamaw & Papaw's the kids fixed S'mores and had Silly String fights.

The Amazing Scavenger Hunt Crew

(from left to right, top to bottom): Hannah, Bradyn, Haley, Gracie, Maddie, Emma, Kenzie, Sophie, Cam, Mason, Alec with the gumball trophy, & Cooper

The Future of the NFL

Back in January, one of Jackson's best friends, McCray, had his birthday party at Cowboy's Stadium. The kids got to tour the stadium, see both the players & cheerleaders locker rooms, and play a football game of their own on the field! Pretty awesome 8th birthday party, huh?

The future Dallas Cowboys

and maybe a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader;)

We Have a Hunter on Our Hands

On November 27th, the day after his 8th birthday, Jackson shot his first deer at the deer lease in Poteet, Texas. It was an 8 point buck, and Jax (and every other man in our family) was oh-so proud!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Christmas in July

So, I'm waayyyy behind on blogging ,but I guess it's better late than never!

On December 17th, we packed our bags and began the first leg of our Christmas adventure. Mamaw and Papaw met us at our first stop, the Ice exhibit at the Gaylord Texan. The theme was "A Charlie Brown Christmas." The exhibit was amazing, but so very cold!!!!

After we thawed out from seeing Ice, we wandered around the rest of the Gaylord Texan, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

After seeing all there was to see at the Gaylord, we had dinner with Mamaw and Papaw and then made our way to our hotel. We had an early morning flight to Disney the next day, so we met the rest of the family at a hotel to make the morning go a little more smoothly.

Aunt Chelle sent the kids' Christmas presents with Gram and Pop. They enjoyed getting to open a few gifts early, and were very excited to receive autograph books, pens, play-doh, and games for the big trip!

The rest of our adventure continued for the next 7 days!

Look Out Florida, Here Come the Pitts!!!!

Our flight to Orlando left DFW at 7:00am, so we had to get up super early to get to the airport on time. Even though it was early, everyone was all smiles:)

The boys lined up at the window watching the planes getting ready for take off.
Corey, Gram, & Mason were the keepers of the carry-ons!

Cason had to close his eyes and giggle to make it through his very first take off.

The flight sapped everyone's energy, so they had to take a break while waiting for the shuttle bus to Disney World!

Disney's All Star Resort

Because our family is so sports-oriented, it was only natural for us to stay at Disney's All Star Sport Resort. It lived up to its' name and was the perfect place for us!

Pictures in front of the All Star Sport Christmas Tree

Gram loves charicatures and there happened to be a charicature artist in our hotel, so all 6 kids got together to pose for the artist. The little ones were drawn first so they didn't have to sit still quite as long!

From top to bottom, left to right: Mason, Maddie, Cole, Jackson, Cason, & Carter