Friday, May 28, 2010

Jackson's Future

One night at Bubba's, our usual Wednesday evening dining spot, Jackson asked for a pen and began drawing on his napkin. We were all talking away, until he showed us what he drew. We were all pretty speechless. We think we might a future artist among us! My mom even kept the napkin and had it framed. She thinks it just might be worth something one day.

Batter Up

Before basketball season was even over, the boys started preparing for baseball season. Opening ceremonies was on March 27th and was chilly as usual. Jackson & Cason both got to play on Opening Day, which they were excited about!

Cason's baseball butt is all covered up:(

Jackson moved up to kid-pitch league this season, and he was one of the pitchers on his team. I was very anxious to see how he would handle the pressure of a pitcher. He is not one to want to be the center of attention, and a pitcher definitely has all the attention.

I shouldn't have worried because he did great! He rarely got flustered and pitched as consistently as a 7-year old can pitch. I was one proud baseball mom!

Jax's team had a great season. This age-group does not go to a city tournament or have All Stars, so once all they had played all their games were complete their season was over. They did get a pretty cool trophy though!

Cason did not play baseball last year and it took alot of convincing for him to play this year,but he played nonetheless. Like most kids, he hated going to practice but liked playing the games. If he would have put as much effort into hitting and fielding as he did chatting it up with the kids, coaches, & fans, he would have been an awesome player. Cason takes after his momma in that he plays sports more to socialize with his teammates than to actually play the sport!

Cason usually played in right or left field. When he paid attention, he stopped balls & backed up 1st or 3rd base just like he was taught!

Whether he was the best player on the team or not, he was definitely one of the cutest and he got a big trophy just like all the all-star players!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Cause' this is thriller, thriller night!
And a thriller night it was! Maddie's 4th grade class performed a skit which included singing & dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Maddie was one of the Thriller monsters, which required her to do the "Thriller" dance. Maddie and all the kids did a great job singing & dancing! It was so fun to watch!!!

Maddie pre-show

Maddie's friend, Lauren, played the role of Michael Jackson, & she did awesome!

The signature "Thriller" move

The little brothers loved the show too!
Cason, Jackson, Carter, & Chris

Fightin' Texas Aggie Vet

We have a vet in the family...a Fightin' Texas Aggie Vet that is! Dr. Alese Eichhorn, or Ese(pronounced EC) as we call her, graduated from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. Alese has dreamed of being a vet since she was a little girl, and now, with a lot of hard work and determination, she made her dreams come true. Her graduation was on Thursday, May 13th at 2:00pm; and even though it was in the middle of the week we all made the drive down to College Station. We wouldn't have missed it for anything! We are all so proud of our little doctor:)

Proud Parents!!

Casey & Alese

Our family & the graduate

Alese & Papa Bob

Casey, Alese, Uncle Gene, & Aunt Genean

Larry, Alese, & Eileen

Alese, Mom, Doug, & Papa Bob

Alese & the Big C

After the graduation ceremony, we all went to Alese's favorite place to eat BBQ, J Cody's. It was delicious as always! Here are a few pictures outside the restaurant.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Here Comes the Bride

Kayla, Corey's cousin, & Ethan got married on Saturday, May 1st. Corey was the official photographer for the wedding and he did a great job, and of course he got some good shots of our kids too!

Kayla & Ethan, the newlyweds

Cheyenne & Cason

Maddie & Mason

The Pitts Bunch-Cason, Mason, Maddie, Cole, Jackson, & Carter