Saturday, January 31, 2009

Extreme Sports...Pitts Style

The Pitts kids have decided that extreme sports just might be their thing. Since December, we have learned to skateboard, ice skate, roller skate, and ride bicycles. You have already seen the boys' gnarly skills at skateboarding, and the attempts to be pro-skateboarders are still going. I see skate ramps in our future!

We, including me, tried out our ice skating abilities in College Station for the first time in December. All 3 of the kids loved it! So my mom, sister, and I took them back for another skating session. This time Cason decided that ice skating was not for him and would have no part of it. The kids have orange traffic cones that they hold on to, while skating, to help them keep their balance.

Jackson and Maddie got brave enough to venture out on the ice without their stability cones. They both had their share of falls, but we only captured Jackson's fall on video.

Madison has been riding her bike without training wheels for a couple of years now. Jackson learned how within the last year, but Cason has just recently tried the 2-wheeling bicycle ride. Corey ran behind him holding onto the back of the bike while Cason peddled. He was doing fairly well until a tree jumped out in front him. Lucky for us all, I was videoing the bicycle riding attempts. I think for now, Cason's bicycling days are over!

We are on to the next extreme sporting event, roller skating. So far, there seems to be a trend of Cason not participating in the Pitts Family X-Games; however, he decided to take part in roller skating. Jackson and Cason went to Brock Sykora's birthday party at Skate World last weekend. Both of the boys got out on the floor like they were pro-skaters. They soon realized they were not! After a few minutes, Cason decided that he did not want to skate anymore, so he went to play arcarde games. Jackson pressed on, determined he could master roller skating. Eventually, Cason returned to the rink and ended up skating as well as Jackson.

We will be trying yet another extreme sport in March. We are going skiing in Angel Fire, NM for Spring Break. I can't wait to see the Pitts' skills in the snow!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Adventures

We start our Christmas celebrations at my parent's house on Christmas Eve. We always have chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a and all the sweets my mom has made, and this year was no different. After we eat, all of the kids (including Corey, Alese, Casey, & I) get to open one present. This year the kids opened up a Wii that is for my Mom & Dad's house. They were super excited! Madison got Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii (which I was super excited about), and the boys each got an educational workbook.

We also played a Christmas game that I had never played before. The game involved a dice, a wrapped present, and the whole family. Papa Bob ended up winning the game, and the $50 that was inside the present. Despite much resistance by me Papa Bob gave the money to kids. The game was lots of fun for everyone!
Once all the festivities were over at my parent's house, we went home to get ready for Santa. The kids left "the note," cookies, and milk for the Big Man, and then headed off to bed. They all 3 slept in the boy's room, which may have been a mistake because at 12:30 a.m. we heard footsteps heading for our room. The kids came barreling into our room shouting that Santa had been to our house. So, we all made our way into the play room to see what Santa left. While we were awake we went ahead and opened all of the other presents that were under the tree. Santa left the boys Guitar Hero and skateboards, and Madison an iPod and a new chair for her room. We finally made it back to bed about 2:00 a.m.!

Our next Christmas adventure began about 6:45 a.m. at Corey's parent's house. We weren't supposed to be there until 7:00; luckily we got there early because as we were pulling in the driveway my nephew, Cole, was calling my cell phone wanting to know where we were! We all exchanged gifts, and then we were on our way to our next Christmas stop, Granny's house. Corey's entire family meets at Granny's house every Christmas morning at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast and gifts. Corey's entire family consists of about 25 people, so Granny's house is packed with Christmas fun. All the kids sit on the floor and open their gifts all at the same time. Wrapping paper and gifts are flying left and right! After the kids get finished opening their presents we send them outside so the adults can play Chinese Christmas. If you know Corey's family, then you can only imagine how ruthless this game can get! There is scheming, dirty looks, pouting, & name-calling galore; yet, we have so much fun. Once the chaos is over at Granny's we move on yet again to another house and more Christmas presents and cheer.

We got to my parent's house about 11:00 and opened the rest of the presents from Mamaw and Papaw and Alese and Casey. After presents we ate our Christmas lunch. While the kids played with all their new toys, Corey and I snuck off for an afternoon nap. When we woke up we discovered that the boys learned to ride their new skateboards down my parent's inclined driveway. There were only a few falls, but no broken bones or stitches!

Our last stop for the day was back to Corey's Granny's for Christmas dinner. By the time dinner rolled around my stomach was so full from all the other meals and the kids were so exhausted from the day's events that we just watched everyone else eat. Once we finally got home all we wanted to do is go to bed, but we had a car full of gifts to unload. Like every other year, the kids received an insane amount of gifts. While I think of all the gifts I have to find homes for in our house a nuisance, I should be thankful. I should be, and truly am, thankful that that Corey, the kids, and I have such wonderful, loving, and giving family that surround us during this special time of year.