Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Baby is 5 years old:(

Last Monday, February 2nd, Cason turned 5 years old. It seems like yesterday, and thank goodness it's not, he was my little rolly polly, bald-headed baby. Now he is a 17 year old in a 5 year old's body. Cason is such the lady's man! He has a girlfriend in his Pre-K class named Lauren. They have an on again-off again kind of relationship; however, Lauren is not shy about her "love" for Cason. He has told us more than once that she has kissed him on the playground. I guess we'll just have to wait & see if this love affair can make it the rest of the school year and through the summer.
Ok, back to the real reason I am writing-Cason's birthday. When we asked him where he wanted to eat for his birthday, he told us Burger King. So, we met Corey's family at Burger King to celebrate. It really worked out well because the Burger King we partied at has a playground. The kids played while the grown-ups talked. Granny made a bright green dinosaur birthday cake that Cason thought was sooo cool!

After we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate cake, Cason got to open his presents. He told us he wanted a Nintendo DS for his birthday, so Corey's parents, Granny, and brother all gave him gift cards to Walmart. I was thankful for them, but he was not too excited about opening a gift card. Corey's Aunt Chelle and cousin Chy saved the day with a "real" present! They gave him a Cars radio/cd player. He loves it and listens to it all the time!

Even though the gift cards weren't that exciting to open, Cason wanted to immediately go to Walmart to get his DS. So, we loaded up and headed over to Walmart. Little did we know that none of the Walmarts in the central Texas area, except for the one in Marlin, had any Nintendo DS' in stock. We had one very disappointed birthday boy! Yet, once again a family member saves the day. My Dad said "He wants a DS for his birthday, so he's going to get a DS for his birthday," and drove to Marlin to pick it up. Can we say "spoiled?" Really, that DS is one of the best things that has happened in my life recently. Cason takes it everywhere with him, and it keeps him quiet and occupied! I love it!!!

Two days after Cason's birthday, we celebrated with my family at our normal Wednesday night establishment, Bubba's. Aunt Genean brought Cason a Spider Man birthday cake, which he fell in love with. He couldn't wait to take the Spider Man figurine and web off the cake! I think Cason had a great 5th birthday!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Every Friday, the Primary, which is Jackson & Cason's school, presents awards to children during their morning assembly. Last Friday, Jackson got his first award-the "Heartprints Award." This award is given for showing kindness to others. This is the perfect award for my little gentleman!