Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Camps Galore

The first month of our summer vacation was full of various sports camps. The first camp was the Lorena Baseball Camp. Jackson was the only one that able to attend this camp because of the age limit. I was planning on taking pictures on the last day of camp, but it rained that day & the camp was held inside the gym. So, the pictures I did get aren't too great:(

The next week of summer break was filled with Lorena Volleyball Camp for Maddie, while the boys had the week off. The only picture I got of volleyball camp was of Maddie & her friends, Sara, Lauren, Caroline, & MaKalynn. Maddie decided that volleyball wasn't her thing & that she would stick with basketball. My mom & I are working on her though!

Lorena Basketball Camp was up next for Jackson & Cason. Once again, I didn't get too many pictures:( I did have a valid excuse this time-I had cellulitis of the face, but that's a whole other post & I will not be posting pictures of my face during this time!
Here is Cason with his Lorena Basketball Camp t-shirt & basketball.
And Jackson with his basketball, t-shirt, & the ribbons he won for skills contests!
My Lorena basketball boys

While the boys were at Lorena Basketball Camp, Maddie was attending Kim Mulkey's Lady Bear Basketball Camp. This was an awesome camp! Maddie learned a lot, had fun, and got to meet some pretty cool players and coaches!
Maddie with some of the Lady Bear Basketball Players
Gracie, Maddie, Caroline, Lauren, & Sara at camp
Britney Griner did a dunking exhibition for all the campers
and then she signed autographs. Here is Britney Griner signing Maddie's basketball
and Maddie's t-shirt
and taking a picture with Maddie. If she keeps growing like she has been, Maddie will catch Britney soon! If you look closely, you can Britney has a black eye. The black eye came from diving after a ball, not from another player!
Kim Mulkey was also available for autographs & pictures.
Maddie really will catch her soon-probably by next basketball season!
A picture with another Lady Bear basketball player
Sara, Maddie, & Caroline
MaKalynn, Sara, Maddie, & Caroline in front of the '09-10 Lady Bear Basketball team poster.

So, our first month of summer break was filled with camps galore. Now, it's time to relax & enjoy the rest of our time at home:)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Concussion #1

One ordinary May Sunday evening, well as ordinary as any evening can be in the Pitts house, Jackson & Cason were playing outside with the two of the neighborhood kids, when Cason came running in the house crying & holding his eye. Cason coming in crying is not out of the ordinary, so we were not that alarmed... until he couldn't even talk to tell us what happened. He was just pointing to the front door. At that point, Corey & I both jumped up and ran outside. That's when we saw Jackson crying, 2 motorized scooters in a tangled mess, and 2 wide-eyed neighborhood kids. We took the boys inside & just left the neighbor kids & their tangled scooters outside. Once we got the boys calmed down & injuries assessed, we got the story about what happened. So here it goes:

Jackson & Cason decided to try out the neighbor kids' motorized scooters. Corey & I had not told our boys not to get on them. I'm still not sure why it never occurred to us to tell them NOT to get on the scooters, but we didn't. So, one of the boys was driving the scooter around the front of the house & the other one was driving the other scooter around the back of the house when they ran into each other. After that it was all a blur to them!

Cason's left cheekbone and eye area were red and swollen, so we put an icepack on & listened to him tell us that he needed to "see a doctor"(in a most whining & pathetic voice). Jackson's collarbone & ribs were sore, but he was being pretty tough about the whole thing. Corey was mostly concerned that Jackson's throwing arm was injured. He was very relieved that both arms were just fine! We tried to keep Cason awake as long as we could, but the whole fiasco happened about 7:30 & the kids bedtime was 8:30. We had had a busy weekend, so Cason was already tired to begin with, so when he fell asleep quickly it didn't really concern me. About midnight, Cason came into our room & said he didn't feel good & then ran straight to the toilet to throw up! I immediately got out my good ole' iPhone to look up the symptoms of a concussion. Of course, vomiting is one of the symptoms, but we didn't want to overreact, wake up the entire family, & head to the emergency room for nothing, so we decided to put him in bed with us & see how he was feeling in the morning. Well morning came & his face was definitely swollen & very sore, but had not thrown up anymore & he was coherent, so being the mom/teacher that I am we all went to school. I did email his teacher & asked her to watch him & let me know if she saw any changes. About 10:00, she emailed me & said that Cason would not eat his snack because it hurt to chew. I went & talked to my school nurse, and then decided that we might need to call the doctor just be safe. The doctor told us to go ahead & take him the emergency room. After a few x-rays, CAT scan, and 4 hours in the ER, Cason was diagnosed with a mild concussion. I'm sure that was the first of many concussions to come for Cason!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A DirtBag is a DirtBag is a DirtBag

Here are more pictures from various tournaments the DirtBags have played in over the past couple of months.

Jackson & McCray celebrating their 1st win!

The Waco DirtBags (Jackson is on the bottom row, last on on the right)

Jackson is a "DirtBag"

Jackson's 7U select baseball team he played on last summer, "The Stingers," was bought out & now is under new ownership; therefore, the name of the ball club was changed to "Waco DirtBags." Truthfully, I think the REAL reason why the team changed names is because the coaches, aka Dads, wanted to get new uniforms! When it comes to sports, the Dads are way worse than women when it comes to dressing these boys. Women always say accessorize, accessorize, accessorize; and these men have listened. Our little DirtBags have a red jersey & a black jersey, matching DirtBag helmets, the buckets that carry the baseballs has the DirtBag logo on it, and the list goes on. Our 7U ball club might be better dressed & equipped than the Texas Rangers; and they might just be as cute as all those Rangers too!

The DirtBags 1st Spring tournament at RiverBend in Waco (Jackson is #3)

Jackson with one of his best buds, McCray

The Three Amigos, Luke, Jackson, & McCray

Coach Corey with McCray, Braden, & Jackson

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We Have Another Graduate

Cason graduated from kindergarten on May 27th. This was definitely bittersweet for me! I am so proud of Cason for all his hard work during kindergarten, but am so sad that my baby is growing up:( Before I know it, I'll be posting his high school graduation pictures-tear drop inserted here!

Cason is ready to get this show on the road!

He is waiting for his name to be called while Mrs. Channon ties his shoe:)

Superintendent Talbert hands Cason his diploma. While the kids were walking across the stage, Miss Lina, the principal, said what each child told their teacher what they wanted to be when they grew up. Cason said he wanted to be a concrete seller just like his daddy and his brother. They were all going to be in business together. Too cute!

Mrs. Channon's 209-2010 Kindergarten Class (Cason is 4th from the left)

Cason in the middle & his best friend Ryan is on the very right

After all the kids received their diplomas they sang several songs. Maddie videoed for me, and I guess she got distracted because the video camera is all over the place, but you can still hear them sing. Every time I listen, it brings tears to my eyes. Those babies are sooo sweet!

One of the moves during the song

And another move...Cason may not be a concrete seller after all

The Lorena Kindergarten Class of 2010 & The Lorena High School Class of 2022

Cason & his friends Blake, a girl who he doesn't remember her name, & Braylon. Corey took the picture & he said Cason told the little girl "Boys only please." Evidently, the little girl didn't listen because she weaseled her way in the picture.

Mrs. Channon and Cason
Our little family

My sweet boys

Mom & Dad with the graduate