Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Always nap with one eye open...

because if you don't, this is what you might find!

Don't worry the boys do not really have a broken pencil stuck through their noses or cheek-it's only magnets! Corey was napping on the couch when the boys decided to put magnets in any exposed orifices. They thought this idea was picture-worthy, so they snuck the camera into their room to snap a few pictures. Boy was I shocked when I scrolled through the pictures on my camera!!! Gotta love the creativity of little boys:)
FYI...I did talk to the boys about putting foreign objects in their noses, ears, mouths, etc.,
but I can almost promise it will happen again one day.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to the Ice Age

One of the few attractions in Waco that we had not seen was the Waco Mammoth Site, so the kids and I decided to check it off our list before school started. While it is amazing that these enormous creatures once lived in the same area as we now live in, overall the experience was not worth the $20 I paid. I would recommend going to the air-conditioned Mayborn Museum to see the mammoth skeleton there.

The mammoths that lived in the Central Texas area were about 13 feet tall to their shoulders. The bow tied to this light pole is right at 13 feet, so you can see just how gigantic those animals really were!

We saw the excavation site of a female mammoth, a bull mammoth, a camel, and several unidentified animals. The female mammoth is in the picture above.

While the trip wasn't really worth the money, the time spent with my kiddos definitely was!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Vacation

The kids and Maddie's friend, Caroline, went on their annual summer vacation with Mawmaw and Pawpaw at the end of July. The planning began in early June for this summer's trip, so the count down was on for many weeks!
Everyone is excited to be on the road to Fort Worth, especially Cason. Look at that face!!

The first stop of the vacation was the Ft. Worth Stockyards.

Since the kids have some Aggie instilled in them, they thought this longhorn with his horns down was hilarious!

Cason tried out the mechanical bull

and Jackson did too. Jackson looks like a natural!

The kids also loved Leroy, the miniature cow.

Medieval Times in Arlington was the next stop on the Tour de Mawmaw & Pawpaw Summer Vacation. I couldn't wait to hear all the details about this leg of the adventure! I just knew the kids would love this too!

The kids thought the food was awesome & kinda liked the idea of eating with your hands.

Their knight was the Red Knight. He didn't win, but the girls thought he was soooo cute!

Hurricane Harbor was on the agenda for the next day. Since it's a water park, we don't have any pictures of all the fun they had there:(
After their fun-filled day at Hurricane Harbor, they went to dinner at Rainforest Cafe.

I'm not sure about the look on Cason's face, but I l-o-v-e it!

And this is what Corey & I did while the kids were gone:)

As always, the kids had a blast on their summer vacation with Mawmaw and Pawpaw! And as always, we are so lucky to have such amazing family!!!!

Who said white girls can't jump...

Maddie's select basketball team played in a summer league at the Doris Miller YMCA. It was a very good experience for our team, and we ended up coming in 2nd place for the season! We were all so proud of their hard work!!

Maddie getting ready for the opening jump ball
Maddie & Mason getting ready to post up

I just love good sportsmanship!

Our Lorena Leopards
back row: Brooke, Mason, Maddie, Lauren
middle row: Alana, Mabry, Aubrie
front row: Abby & Gracie

The Doris Miller YMCA held an Awards Ceremony for the summer basketball league. Before the actual ceremony began, they held a ticket-drawn shooting contest. Of all the people in that gym, Corey's ticket was drawn! He got to participate in a 3-point shooting contest, and he actually won! His prize was a new basketball, and the kids were stoked!
Corey, Cason, & Jackson hoping for their ticket to be called

And here is Corey shooting when his ticket was drawn

Corey and Maddie & Mason with their medals

The Lorena Leopards with Coach Corey & Coach John

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What do Pig Racing, Bull Riding, & Blake Shelton have in common?

Cattle Baron's Ball is the answer! Cody & Brooke Lewis invited Corey & I to go to Cattle Baron's Ball 2010. The Lewis', along with the Sykora's, the Crenshaw's, and handful of Cody co-workers went along with us. While I do not have any pictures of the pig racing, I do have pictures of Corey riding a mechanical bull & Blake Shelton. I assure the pig racing was picture worthy, I just didn't capture any pictures worth showing!
Me, Lora, Brooke, & Cheryl in the extremely hot, un-air conditioned limo!
A group shot of all the girls

Corey, Blake Shelton, & me:)

Corey & his I'm scared-to-death grin

and then his WTH happened look. He did win some money off the bull ride bet!

This was definitely a fun, memory-filled night with great friends!