Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Day at the Ranch

Our good friends, the Crenshaw's, own a ranch in Hamilton. One weekend in March they invited our family, along with the Sykora's, to spend some quality time together at the ranch. There is a small house with indoor plumbing, a kitchen, tv (no cable), and a couple of bedrooms. A nice sized creek runs through the ranch, and there is plenty of land for the kids to roam on. We brought Pop's Mule and the kids' four-wheeler, so the kids could ride around without worrying about cars or houses to run into. It was a perfect day to be outdoors enjoying time with our wonderful family & friends!
Cason & Maddie patiently waiting for someone to drive them around.
There is a special place at the ranch, called The Chimney, that everyone likes to visit. At one time there was a house that surrounded the chimney; however, now all that's left is the chimney.

Cade, Jackson, Cason, & Brock in front of the chimney

The Gang-Cade, Jackson, Cason, Brock, Addison, & Maddie

The Gang under the Chimney

While the guys took the kids fishing, Cheryl, Lora, and I found a spot to
soak up some sun and read.
Evidently fishing didn't last too long!
Such serious talk for 10 & 8 year olds!
Jackson did not want any part of the dirty creek water.
He sat on the Mule with Corey & didn't even get his feet wet.