Saturday, March 20, 2010

Basketball, Basketball, & More Basketball

Maddie & Jackson both played basketball again this season with the Lorena Leopard Basketball League. They both practiced once a week and played their games on Saturday. Luckily, they played in the same gym, so their games were never at the same time!
Jackson got to play with all boys this year-can we get an AMEN for that?! Last year was organized chaos, but this year they could actually make it up & down the court. The coach tried to get them to run plays; sometimes the plays worked, but mostly they did not. Whether they worked or not is beside the point because they sure looked cute in their uniforms!

Maddie's age group played full-court basketball, without wristbands-can I get an AMEN for that too?! She was by far the tallest girl on her team, so she played down low. Maddie inherited her momma & daddy's backside, which happened to be a good thing at this point in time. She used that junk in her trunk to make her way to the basket!
As you can see in the picure below, dribbling was not one of Maddie's strongest skills. She really liked to dribble with two hands, and the refs did not!!!

After the Lorena Leopard Basketball League's season was over, one of the coaches from another team in Maddie's division wanted to put a select team together. He asked Maddie to play on his team & she happily accepted! A couple of weeks later they played in a tournament in Robinson. They had only practiced a couple of times together so all the kinks weren't worked out. They lost both of their games, but played their hearts out!

Coach John wants to keep the Lorena Leopards practicing and playing in tournaments. Hopefully, we'll get some wins on our record soon!